Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think we may have finally got it figured out!

Kodey has been complaining about his stomach hurting for two weeks now. After the school calling me about everyday about it and him getting leaving school early, many trips to the Dr. I think we finally figured out all the problems of his stomach.. First they think has has reflux so he is on meds for that. Well after being on that for a week he had been still saying he stomach was bothering him. From what we can gather part of it is the reflux and the other  part he is so burned out from school he just doesn't want to go or be there. After sitting down and having a talk with him about school I "think" he is finally understanding that even though he doesn't want to be at school he has to go. I will be so glad when they are on Spring Break in a couple of weeks!!

Breanna has a field trip tomorrow and it will be interesting to see how much of a meltdown she has from that when she gets home from school. And then she has another one on Friday. I hope and pray that things do not digress like they did the beginning of the school year when they had so many field trips. It got so bad that she would only poop in her pants!! She is 5 and has been potty trained for over two years! It was like her body couldn't tell her that she needed to go the bathroom until it was too late. She was getting to overstimulated from all the field trips and even after doing the brushing/deep joint compressions she was no better.

I saw this on one of my Sensory Facebook pages and thought I would pass this along

Can the School Terminate My Child's Eligibility for Special Ed? Evaluations, IQ Scores, and Grades

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