Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trying to figure out why it scares them so much.

Today a friend was having an Easter Egg hunt at her church. We went and the kids were so excited! They had a blast up until the point where they could have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Yes they know that there is a person in the costume but for some reason they are so scared of it.

Breanna had a full blown meltdown. And I need to say that for her a meltdown for her is crying and I don't mean a few tears, I am talking about full blown crying. And it didn't help that one of her cheerleading friends was there and she didn't want to play with Breanna. That really bothered Breanna. She doesn't understand that at times her friends just do not want to play with her. I tried to explain to her it is the same thing when she doesn't want to play with her brother and I think she finally understood. :-)

Kodey was scared of the Easter Bunny costume as well. He never has a meltdown but is very scared. So the only child of ours that did get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny was Colin. And he looked adorable! I felt sorry for the guy in the suit. I know he HAD to be hot.

It has taken Breanna all cheer season to be able to get close the cheer mascot. Even though she has seen the person take the mascot off and on many many times. At the last cheer competition she was finally able to be around the mascot and even had her picture taken with it and not have a meltdown.

I would LOVE to take the kids to Disney World if we could ever have the money, But I just don't know how well they would do because of all the Characters in costume.

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