Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My little Pageant Princess!!!

This past weekend Breanna was in a pageant and did wonderful!!! No meltdowns nothing. She had the best time. We were there from 1:00-7:00 pm and I thought for sure she would get bored and start with a meltdown about leaving. But she didn't. There were times towards the end that she got a little antsy but I was too. lol! That is a long time for little kids to have to sit around for the most part. But anyway, I am so proud of her. She had no problem getting on the stage, smiling and doing her thing on stage. She was so excited when she got her tiara and sash.

Earlier that day she had her cheer award banquet and was so excited about that as well! She loves to cheer and be with all of her cheer friends. I am not sure how she will handle it this summer not having cheer practice. She did have a little meltdown while we were standing in line getting our food. I think it was because there were so many adults around and she was scared to have that many people around her and her not be able to move around much. But it didn't last long and once we got back to the table and she started eating she was back to her normal self.

I know that there are many parents that do not push their children that have special needs. I am here to say that if you DO NOT PUSH they will not get better. You have to know when to draw the line and stop but that is part of the learning process for both you and your child. When she first started Cheer she would freak out being on stage, hearing the loud music. But you know what I made her to do it even when she was crying and crying that she didn't want to go out there. She now has no problem with it and loves seeing the bright lights, hearing the loud music and getting on stage. I am not saying it isn't easy it isn't. I cried and cried seeing her out there having her meltdown buy I know that I had to do it. Once it was over we both felt better and it got better each time for her and for me. Now I cry because of how wonderful she is doing out there and how far she has come!

Somethings need to be done with baby steps, others with a big push. Without the baby steps and big pushes along the way they are not able to get better and progress in life. I have to do remind myself when times get tough with her that I am doing this because I love her and want her to get better. After the baby steps and big pushes I love on her and hug her and tell her how proud I am of her over and over and over. They need to know that first and foremost. They need see your love no matter what the outcome is.

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